2022-2023 SY
Dual Enrollment Information

The application period for Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment is CLOSED. If you are interested in participating in Dual Enrollment for Spring 2023, the deadline to complete required paperwork is NOVEMBER 1

> For first-time applicants to Dual Enrollment for the Spring 2023 semester, CLICK HERE for the Dual Enrollment Checklist.

> For current Dual Enrollment students who need to register for Spring 2023 courses, CLICK HERE for further instructions.

Interested in the AUBURN FIRST program?

If you are a first-time applicant interested in applying to Auburn First for the Spring 2023 semester,

the deadline to apply is October 15.

Document Links:

Dual Enrollment Information Night Video + Presentation Slides - Dual Enrollment starts at 1:31:00 in video

Dual Enrollment Course Catalog

FCS Dual Enrollment Contract 2022-2023

Dual Enrollment Student Advisement Plan

Dual Enrollment Funding Application + Directions

How To: Send Transcripts for Dual Enrollment Admissions

Other Helpful Information:

Department of Education (DOE) Dual Enrollment Brochure - English / Spanish

FCS Dual Enrollment Information Flyer

Gwinnett Tech Re-Admission Instructions (for students who have already taken courses at GTC in a previous semester)