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We are now utilizing Calendly for student appointments only. Click on your assigned counselor to book!

The schedule change period has ended. We are not accepting appointments for schedule change requests.

Parents please reach out to your school counselor directly if you would like a meeting.

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SENIORS - Need help with FAFSA?

ALL Seniors are encouraged to complete the FAFSA, which opened access on October 1. Whether you think you are eligible for financial aid or not, you should complete the application. 

GaFutures has a great resource that walks you through the process of creating an FSA ID, submitting your FAFSA, steps after submission, and what to do if you are selected for verification. Click here to access the document.

Published 10/8/2021

NCAA Eligibility - High School Timeline

Are you an aspiring college athlete? If so, being aware if initial-eligibity standards help ensure you are prepared to succeed in college. Plan ahead and take your high school courses seriously!

Athletes are encouraged to use the high school timeline as a way to stay on track for meeting NCAA initial-eligibility requirements. 

Published 9/27/2021


Based on input and feedback the district received from parents last school year, our students currently have the ability to send their weighted and unweighted transcripts to colleges, universities and for scholarship opportunities. While this new combined transcript is official and accurate, some universities and colleges apply different treatments to weighted and unweighted grades/GPAs in the college application process. With the district’s aim to provide students options, schools will be required to have students select whether they want to have their weighted  or unweighted transcripts sent.


Link to the request formwww.bit.ly/miltontranscriptrequest -- This form is required in addition to the transcript request in Naviance. If a transcript has already been submitted on your behalf, please complete the form so we can verify your desired transcript format was sent.


Unweighted Transcripts provides a student’s cumulative GPA and final course grades without the 7 honors points/weight earned in honors, dual enrollment, IB and AP courses. Weighted Transcripts provides student’s cumulative GPA and final grades that include the added 7 honors points/weight earned in honors, dual enrollment, IB and AP courses. Please complete the following to select which transcript you would like to send. (Insert your School's Weighted/ Unweighted Transcript Selection Form).


*University of Georgia Notice: Students and parents should ensure they understand UGAs process for recalculating GPAs- Admissions First Year Criteria (uga.edu). Currently UGA, accepts both weighted and unweighted transcripts.  


*Common Application Notice: Students who use Common Application to apply to a school that requests unweighted transcripts should be reminded that their unweighted transcript will be sent for all of the schools listed on their Common Application.  


*Naviance Notice: Please note that the weighted and unweighted transcript request form only informs counselors which transcript you want to be used. All students are required to continue using Naviance to officially request transcripts to be sent and should follow their schools college application process in order to meet all college deadlines.

Published 9/15/2021

12th Grade Information Night

The 12th Grade Information Night premiered 8/31/21 at 4PM. Please use the link below to access the presentation. 



Download the PowerPoint here (no voiceover)

Download the PowerPoint in SPANISH here (no voiceover)


Any follow-up questions should be submitted here: https://forms.office.com/r/bQpugLVpBt

Assigned counselors will respond within 24-48 hours. 

Published 8/31/2021

SENIOR INFO - Letters of Rec & Naviance Help

Counselors will begin accepting Letter of Recommendation requests on September 1. We will not accept requests before that date.

In the meantime, complete the required Senior Brag Sheet in Naviance. We will not write you a letter without the Brag Sheet on file. It is located in your Naviance Tasks:

> Log in to FCS ClassLink

> Select 'Naviance-Stu'

> Click on 'Important To-Dos and Tasks'

> Click on 'Senior Brag Sheet'

> Click on 'Take this Survey'

Requesting a Teacher Letter of Recommendation: CLICK HERE

Requesting a Counselor Letter of Recommendation: CLICK HERE

Our Naviance page has been updated! CLICK HERE to view a Naviance Overview, How to Match CommonApp + Naviance, How to Request Teacher LOR in Naviance, Building a Colleges I'm Applying To List, and Requesting Transcripts.

Published 8/17/2021

Important Dates for Fall 2021

Please see dates below regarding frequently asked questions this time of year:

Tuesday, August 3 - Finalized schedules released on IC. Schedule change form is now open: www.bit.ly/miltonschedulechange

        - You must be logged into your FCS email to access the form. 

        - Requests will not be accepted in any other format (e.g email, phone, walk-in)

        - Final day to request a change is August 20.

Friday, August 6 - Information Day for Grades 9-12. Click here for details.

Monday, August 9 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

Friday, August 12 - Senior Reduced Courseload Requests DUE

Friday, August 20 - Add/drop period ENDS, last day to sign up for GAVS/FVS course, Personal Fitness Waivers DUE 

Tuesday, August 31 - 12th Grade Information Night (meeting details will be released via Eagle Update)

Wednesday, September 1 - Counselors will begin accepting requests for college Letters of Recommendation. You must complete your Senior profile in Naviance prior to requesting a LOR. 

Wednesday, September 15 - Junior Advisement Begins (appointment dates vary by counselor)

Published 7/30/2021

2021-2022 Senior Reduced Courseload

Fulton County has approved Seniors to take a reduced courseload by ONE course per semester for the 2021-2022 school year. If you are interested in this option, please carefully review the form linked here. You must return this form to your assigned counselor with original signatures by AUGUST 12 before any courses will be dropped. 

Published 6/2/2021

Letters of Recommendation from NON-MILTON Staff

  • Log in to Common App

  • Click My Colleges Tab

  • Click College Name

  • Click “Recommenders and FERPA”

  • Scroll down to “Teacher” section

  • Click “Teacher Evaluation” Link

  • Download, save, and forward Teacher Evaluation doc to teacher of choice

  • Provide Admissions mailing/deadline information for them to mail w/ accompanying documents directly to school

Published Fall 2020

Countdown to Graduation!